What is the purpose of child and family welfare agencies? They perform several functions. They may help distressed families or children. Occasionally, they can help parents choose the most appropriate services for their children.

Examples include choosing a good nanny or a suitable kindergarten. Another category of association will help parents who wish to adopt children. And finally, there are specialized associations that help children suffering from rare and serious diseases and their families. However, there is a problem: parents aren’t always informed, and occasionally, they are unaware of the existence of associations that could have given them a hand.

What Does Our Site Offer?

Our site aims to provide parents and all those who may need it with all the information on these associations. On this site, we propose to the Internet users to discover the extent of the services that they offer, as well as how these associations and organizations can help them. How to get in touch with them? What kind of support can we expect from them, and even how fast these organizations can come to the rescue?

It is impossible to talk about all the existing organizations, but the site at least proposes to talk about all the most important and interesting ones. The site also offers a forum for all organizations and associations that wish to make themselves known.

The site also intends to guide parents and teenagers to realize their rights and to know when they can ask for help to get it. Very often, the unfortunate decisions that some people make are dictated because they feel their situation is totally hopeless. By reading the articles that will be published on this site, everyone involved will know when and how to ask for help.

Our site wishes to help both the associations and organizations that are involved in this field and the people to whom this help is aimed. It is worth mentioning that our site will focus on all categories of associations working in this area: adoption, support for teenagers, support for pregnant teenagers, family help, child protection, support for single parents and many others.