Do All Associations Have the Same Objectives?

The question seems somewhat ridiculous because each association is specialized and deals with a specific theme. It can be childcare, pregnancy-related problems, child education, child protection, teenage pregnancy, the mental health of children and their mothers, the financial situation of families and many other problems. The answer to the question above is positive, but each association has its approach. The only point is to know if one can get real help from any of these associations and what will it be? Do they act concretely or do they limit themselves to advisory help?

Tailor-Made Protection and Assistance

It is important to understand that most of these associations are small volunteer centres that have remedied problems that mainly affect their community. A woman who has gone through the hell of postpartum depression after giving birth and has come out of it, may decide to help women in the same situation to come out of their hell. The association she creates will help women benefit from the services of a psychologist or at least a sleep consultant if some of them have trouble falling asleep.

The extent and especially the impact of the help depends mainly on the budget of the association. Occasionally, the help will be purely advisory. In other cases, if the association’s means allow it, it can be more concrete.

Which association should contact the distressed? Any association! The choice will be made according to the gravity of the issue. Often, good advice will easily help the individual to solve the problem. However, sometimes the distressed needs more and in this case, an association with an active approach will be preferable.

Nova Scotia Council for the Family