Further Reading on Family Wellness Organisations and Associations

While this site covers critical issues surrounding the family in general and children in particular, it is not the only resource you can read. The site collects information both from research and reading other sources. However, in the present day, it may be challenging to find great resources on these topics.

For this reason, we have taken time to compile a list of alternative credible reading resources that can help you. They include the following.

UN Websites and Publications

The UN, through different agencies, touches on matters that directly affect the family. You can learn a lot about what you and your children are entitled to through UN publications.  United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has a lot to offer on education. UNICEF is specifically concerned with children. UN resources are reliable and up to date.

Government Child Protection Agencies

Almost all governments have child protection departments. These agencies regularly produce publications to keep both children and parents aware of their rights and obligations. A simple Google search for ‘child protection office Canada’ or any other country will help you find these resources.

Parenting Blogs

Experts of different levels have established parenting blogs that you can read online. Life of Dad, A Cup of Jo, It’s Like They Know Us and Father of Daughters are some of the most helpful parenting resources that you will come across. These are blogs created either through experience in parenting or the study of children’s psychology.